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TicTac is one of the countries leading professional Gamblers from the 1990s

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     £55,134.00 PROFIT     

58% strike rate in 2 years

Highly profitable, 24 years as TicTac 

One of the most "feared professional gamblers in the country" 

Join and get access to this elite service We don't bet everyday,        no set amount of bets and varies each week and month.           Highly selective, Simple and straight forward no nonsense advice. 

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This service is only for those with patience to wait for bets, if you want bets every day this is not for you. We bide our time then strike. Bets sent out by text around 1-30 summer, when we have a bet.       

Who is TicTac?

See below for more history. Back in the early 1990's he made ground breaking videos called 'The Life Of A Professional Gambler' that saw for the first time in history a 2 hour coverage of him beating the bookmakers on the racecourse that sold thousands in The Racing Post and The Sporting Life. He is one of the most successful professional gamblers the country has even seen. His success is unrivaled since the 1990's, you can judge for yourself. We do not advertise often so JOIN NOW.

Tic Tac's History

Tic Tac's rise to fame and fortune started when backing horses seriously part time around the late 1980's. Soon he was making more money than working so decided he'd go full time but knew he needed a bigger betting bank so cashed in a insurance policy for £1,200 and off he went to the races. The first day as a full time gambler he won £700, he recalls walking into his small terrace house and throwing the money into the air and hugging his girlfriend to say that's it I'm up and running.

He has never looked back since and is regarded as one of the top  The Life Of A Professional Gambler sold thousands which then was soon followed by 'Finding Winners' an in depth look on how to find the winners. These are being re released shortly so look out for them on here soon, we will put a few clips on you tube when they are ready.

He was approached in the1990s by the largest tipster  in the papers on the racecourse who used to ask what info he had. This tipster knew how much better he was at it than himself and told him that his information was so good he should be selling it.

So TicTac decided to give it a try, dipped his toe in the water and from that day on he instantly made a success. He would get thousands of calls a day, every day that quickly made him a target for bookmakers who slashed the odds of his bets. TicTac was the first to go private with a subscription service, he was the first to let you pay by credit card, he was also the first true professional gambler running a tipping service.

His success is achieved because he works harder and longer hours than most and more successful than most will ever achieve. He has patience to study for 12 hours at a time, rarely takes holidays and very little family life, he will lock himself away in isolation every night until the early hours. He has a gift, his brain works differently to most, it computes information and works out the future winner, he has 4 computers to help him analyse and store the information he needs. The inside information and his contacts are unrivaled.

Inside Information ? That consists of many forms he only uses trusted methods and certain information lets you firm up a bet that can make it stronger or lets you know to wait for another day.

Back to the tipping game he quickly became the leader of the tipping game in the early 1990's and he still is the leader with his own private members. He still is the most influential professional gambler today he moves the markets, he does not tip the early betting markets he waits until all the mugs and bad tipsters have played their hands early and then he puts his bets out at lunchtime. 

The profits he made in the early 1990's beat everyone else's and he quickly became the market leader. He was a large advertiser in The sporting life and The racing post

The service TicTac System was very profitable and still is but due to the nature of some of these bets we do need to keep plenty of things private and withhold the names of our winners and the information behind them.

These are TicTac's own personal bets One of the most successful professional gamblers in the history of horse racing.                     

Because I take into account so many factors these factors that change so rapidly. Remember I run this service for high strike rate and if you are not patient enough to wait and wait for the right horse in the right race then this service is not for you.

No time wasters please or the get rich quick types.

We have a very good track record and are very selective and very clever at what we do.

All our bets are proofed in advance to the Racing Post and chartered accountants to comply with ASA regulations for on line publishing and adverts/profits/winners as published in the Racing Post.

 01423 705322 office hours Sat until around 1pm / Mon to Fri 9-4

You decide if my information is worth more. It's information that's worth a lot of money.

We have selective openings for some new members, so if your on our wavelength we let you join. 

New members only price.   

We are not desperate nor need the wrong type of member. We are the top of the league as you will see when you join.

We end up with a membership that is patient, know the game and willing to pay for very valuable winners with very high strike rates and success.

If you want free trials plenty available on dodgy websites remember unless they advertise in the racing post you can never prove the results, we do and always have done. See our adverts in the Racing Post all proofed and provable 

All memberships/purchases are subject to a signed on line terms and conditions agreement this has been in place many years and it does also stop fraudulent transactions so if you join by phone or on line the terms are the same.135KT 200P

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